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A Woman and A Lake

Authored by Dorit Amikam

Dorit`s Novel A Woman and A Lake
A Woman and A Lake is a capturing novel about a successful, beautiful, world renowned scientist, who faces life`s dramatic adversities. While she addresses the latter, new events unfold, which cause her to summon all her knowledge and inner strength to navigate through her life and her secrets, while experiencing new love and romances in her private world, and recognition and success in her professional world. As she walks through the challenges presented in her path in life while travelling through three continents, she is carving her fate, her future, courageously. While doing so, she is translating her feelings to her well thought through decisions, employing her new evolving and developed philosophies…With new thrilling promises of life, she is enriching her own world with her desires, her hopes and her dreams…. An empowering novel!

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