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Dorit Amikam's Guest Book:

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Guest Book Entry: 42

Name: Kaye

Very impressive - lovely work.
Thanks for sharing.

Guest Book Entry: 41

Name: Tony [Laugingwolf] Hunt

...neat site!

Guest Book Entry: 40

Name: Pierre Putica

Great Work, my dear friend!! Very Impressive!!

Guest Book Entry: 39

Name: Eva Etzjoni-Halevy

A very impressive website! Wishing you success.

Guest Book Entry: 38

Name: Zav

Very Great paints
Simply AMAZING esspecially The Gallery of Women and Nature Photography and Digital Art

Good Luck

Guest Book Entry: 37

Name: Talia Carner

I love both the subjects of your art and the bold, colorful brushstrokes you use to express their strength.

Guest Book Entry: 36

Name: Grasya Strumza - Artist & Painter

I think you have a very special way of expressing yourself. I like the way you create the female figure & what she represents. Your lines, shapes & colors are powerful and expressive.
Thank you for sharing & good luck!

Guest Book Entry: 35

Name: Lois/Leah

Shalom cousin.
Your art is incredible. You are a talented woman.

Guest Book Entry: 34

Name: Rocksann Ralston-Gray

I am so sorry I missed you before you left to warmer climate! Hope all is wel I LOVE your art and this page! Miss YA, and Sarah says HI!!

Guest Book Entry: 33

Name: Ana

Dorit, your art is a unique creation. I enjoyed meeting you today, maybe you came to motivate me to go for T.C. why you not get a space here and bring 4 of your pieces. Say hi to your friend.

Guest Book Entry: 32

Name: Rafi Perez

Nice artworks.
I wish you good luck with your art !!!!

Guest Book Entry: 31

Name: Mally Elbaz Almandine- artist - painter

Hello Dear Dorit !!!
I want to note that you have a wonderful unique way to express your feelings in art.
Textures - shapes - and colors that creates ... Describes feelings perfectly.
I love your way ... Original - intelligent - a fine art. Thank you for contributing to the global community to your art. Mally Elbaz Almandine-artist - painter

Guest Book Entry: 30

Name: Shoshi Klas

Dear Dorit,
Thank you for sharing with us all this beauty of your special painting.
The artistic way you show women's inner strength is impressive.
I love the colours you choose, soft and powerful at the same time.
thank you and a big hug.

Guest Book Entry: 29

Name: Yoram Lilach

Dear Dr. Dorit,
You have wonderful art work. I love it !!

Guest Book Entry: 28

Name: Mascha

Dear Dorit,
Thank you for contributing to this world with your colors and beautiful feminine images, it is greatly appreciated :-)

Guest Book Entry: 27

Name: Pierre

Hello dear Dorit,
All compliments for this beautiful Art work!! Congratulations my friend!!!

Guest Book Entry: 26


Hello. I do love your unique style...thank you for sharing, me.......

Guest Book Entry: 25

Name: Shelda Whited

Beautiful work!

Guest Book Entry: 24

Name: Yosi

Thank you Dorit. You have Impressive Works.

Guest Book Entry: 23

Name: Linda Green

After viewing your galleries online I can see how you and Naomi Ragen are both "on the same page". Kudos and many thanks to you as well.

Guest Book Entry: 22

Name: Erez Onn

Thank you for the lovely exhibition.

Guest Book Entry: 21

Name: Jan Rusenko

Your art is moving. You reflect strength as well as sensitivity and beauty. Every time I look at your work I see, feel and think something new.

Guest Book Entry: 20

Name: Larry Schleifer

Your art work is most impressive and aptly displays the strength of women and emotional bonds that exist among them. Apparently, you have made a wonderful transition from oncology to art. I don't doubt that the strength of the women in your paintings is a positive self-reflection.

Guest Book Entry: 19

Name: Vered Bashan

I was deeply impressed by your jeweled breasts paintings. Your colores are great, my best is the 3rd Gallery of China.

Guest Book Entry: 18

Name: Irena Braun

I like your choice of topic, which was well digested and felt through before chosen to express it; your work is feminine, directly leading to the aim, modern, with fantasy and with substance. The choice of colours and smooth simple strokes prove the maturity of your feelings. I am very proud of you!!

Your Irena and Vera

Guest Book Entry: 17

Name: Michelle Beltano Curtis

Your artwork is beautiful, moving and inspirational. You capture the inner spirit, strength and courage of women in such moving and captivating ways and I find your work to be profoundly feminist and wonderfully positive for all women. Thank you for sharing it with the world!

Guest Book Entry: 16

Name: Chanoch Winnykamien

I love your clever way of expressing yourself on the canvas. Clever and naïve at the same time, as if you still have a child's soul hidden in you discovering new things and being fascinated from what it sees. Colors' intensity has some meaning I still need to investigate and understand. My guess is that they reflect the mood at the time you paint. I can't wait seeing your work in a couple of years to learn where your work will take you. I'll be there.

Guest Book Entry: 15

Name: Lisa Cohen

The moment I saw your paintings I felt they touched my soul. The colours are beautiful and the strength of the colours are a reflection of the strength in the women that you portray.
Your unique concept of visualizing a scar on a woman's breast as a jewel empowers women and helps us love our bodies - however many "jewels" we are adorned with. Thank you so much for choosing to donate your pictures to Amutat BRACHA. We are very honored that you are part of our team.
Continue painting.
Hugs, Lisa.

Guest Book Entry: 14

Name: Shlomo Rottem

Dear Dorit,
Your paintings are fabulous and hypnogenic. They look very simple yet they hold so much power to make people feel. They certainly provide an insight into your mind and soul and an inspiration to mankind to fight for a better and healthier life. Keep on and Be'Hatzlacha.

Guest Book Entry: 13

Name: Aaron Ciechanover

Dorit plays on the deepest strings of human feelings - woman health and self image - in a most original, innovative and artistic way that talks to each and every one of us. By that she shows the way to many other women to walk forward and show us all that behind, at times unfortunately, that destroyed body can reside the most fantastic, creative, imaginative, sensitive - and therefore the most beautiful woman.


Guest Book Entry: 12

Name: Barbara P

I love ALL your pieces and we're so proud to feature them in our virtual gallery.

Guest Book Entry: 11

Name: Jerry

Unusual combination of colors. Very powerful. Would like to know the deeper meaning. Keep up the fascinating work!!! Great cause also.

Guest Book Entry: 10

Name: Nisim

Dorit, Hi, it is Nisim from the MASTELA.
I took a look at your drawing, they look very interesting. i would be glad if you could give me an explanation about them from your point of view. keep in touch.

Guest Book Entry: 9

Name: Efi Weinstock

Beautiful and very colorful paintings. I can see you express yourself in a very unique style. Hope to see you continuing with your special paintings.

Guest Book Entry: 8

Name: Eugene Aryeh Lebovitz

Dear Dorit:
Thank you for sharing your great work that you do, and I hope that this will help a lot of people that need to see your beautiful Jeweled Breast, and will get strength to make their day better.

Eugene Aryeh Lebovitz

Guest Book Entry: 7

Name: Gordon Saperia

Dorit--The colors and strokes are engaging. Have you considered branching into other topics?

Guest Book Entry: 6

Name: Jan Rusenko

Dear Dorit,
Your work provides a glimpse into your soul to reveal your great passion and the tenderness that guides you. Your painting gives further confirmation of your many talents and wisdom.

Guest Book Entry: 5

Name: Steve Buckner

Dear Dorit,

When I first saw your work I read "Scarred" as "Sacred". I felt your work touch a Sacred place having tended my dear wife as IBC ate the breasts that suckled three babies and loved them to manhood.

Keep the muse in your art and your heart. When I look at your work I see lavender and taste ginger.

Guest Book Entry: 4

Name: Arie A Amikam

Dear Dorit,
The pictures are wonderful. The figures most expressive The colors rich and add to a beautiful sight. With a few well drawn lines you create wonderful figures and unexpected delights. Please continue your creative art work and share it with us.


Guest Book Entry: 3

Name: Boaz Rottem

Hi Dorit.

Your paintings are truly beautiful and unique. They are full of energy & strength.


Guest Book Entry: 2

Name: Harry Gregory

I like your paintings very much. I have family members with cancer and your research work and your paintings mean a great deal to them.

Thank you for your help with this worthy cause.

Guest Book Entry: 1

Name: Bruce

Very lovely, Dorit.

Many of your paintings belong in museums for everyone to appreciate.

Your art reminds me of the works of Marc Chagal.

Your paintings are supurb, Dorit Amikam.


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